Pros and Cons of Corporate Business Blogging

Social media platforms and blogging has become a major tool in the world of corporate marketing. Looking at this from an organizational marketing perspective, it is important to understand the pros and cons of blogging and how it can affect your business.


Builds Customer Trust – What better way to personalize your B2C relationship and reach out to your customers than through blogs. This is a wonderful opportunity to share information with them about your products and/or services, and it allows them the opportunity to ask questions and comment back.

• Develops your Brand – Blogging is an excellent platform companies can use to create a competitive edge over their competition by perfecting their brand and making their product or service more memorable than any of their competitors.


• Potential Negative Feedback – Allowing your customers to interact by commenting on your blog posts, you do need to be prepared for the possibility of negative feedback from them too.  Negative comments on social media are more harmful than helpful for a business.

• Time Commitment – As a business, if you want people to take you, your blog and your business seriously, you have to commit the time to both research and keep up with your blog. If you cannot commit the time and you only post a blog here or there, customers may get the impression you are unreliable and turn their attention to your competitors.

There are a lot of things that can be done to have a successful blog, but if I had to narrow it down and give just 3 tips of blogging success to marketers who are developing and maintaining corporate blogs, I would suggest:

1. Keep it Interesting – This is going to require you to do research on your topics and make sure that you are presenting information your readers want to know more about, and that you are presenting it in a way that is interesting and fun to read.

2. Post Frequently – When you post frequently, it reminds your readers that you are still there, and it continues to keep your business into their memory.

3. Promote Your Blog – This may be, by far, the most important success tip I can share. You can write the most amazing blogs with all the best information that people would enjoy, and it will not mean anything if people do not know your blog exists. Promote, Promote, Promote; Each and Every Blog!!!

Dell is a great example of a corporate blog that I feel is a very effective blog page.  Since Dell is diversified in its products and services, it requires a bit more organization to keep the information flowing smoothly.  Their blog page (located at Dell Blogs) combines and organizes, all the different blogs related to the products, services and technology they offer.  I also love the fact that they have a search button to locate information specific blogs.

Dell also continues to brand their name into our memories through this page of blogs.  A person, who may not even be looking for anything specifically related to Dell, but happened to be searching out a topic that is covered on one of the blogs on Dells page.  That is an effective way to draw in new customers and keep the name Dell fresh in our memories.

Remember, a blog can be a huge asset to any business if it is developed and maintained properly.  Happy blogging!