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What makes this the best Facebook page from a marketing perspective?

From the moment I laid eyes on this page, I knew I was looking at one of the best Facebook pages out there.  It was immediately clear to me that this company has a well-defined set of goals and an excellent online marketing plan in place.

Let’s talk about their goals for a moment, after all goals are the starting point to any great marketing plan, right?  So what are Gibsons’ goals?  Let’s explore a few of those goals and what they are doing to obtain them.

1.  Reach a specific target market 

Gibson wants a specific market of people who are looking for quality guitars and equipment and can afford high-end guitars like what Gibson offers.

How are they targeting this market?  If you take a moment and scroll through some of the content on Gibson Guitars Facebook fan page, you will see that they frequently spotlight different well-known musicians like Green Day, The Script, Sheryl Crow, ACDC, and Lenny Kravitz to name a few.  All these musicians target the group of adults around the ages of 30-55 who have been listening to these bands for many years, and who typically are more established with a secure income – which makes them a prime audience for Gibson.

2.  Engage their audience

One of the most powerful ways to promote your business on Facebook is to engage your audience.  This can be done in a number of ways from contests to posing questions to asking them to share your content.  I didn’t have to scroll for very long to find a few examples of how Gibson is engaging their audience.

How are they engaging their audience?  Gibson uses a variety of techniques to engage their audience.  On one post I saw them pose this question, “What name would you give the finish on this Gibson Les Paul Standard VOS figured?”  What benefit did this have for Gibson?  This post had over 1200 shares, over 14,000 likes, and more than 2100 comments.  All the friends of the people who liked, shared or commented on this post were exposed to this content as well.

Another technique I noticed was on another post that simply said, “post photos of your Gibson on our wall!”  Then, they took one of the photos and posted it as “Photo of the Day”.  Not only is Gibson engaging their audience, but they are also personalizing it by posting one of those pictures sent in.  I think that is a great way to win your audiences loyalty!

3.  Build their audience

Looking at this page, it is also easy to see that Gibson is putting thought and effort into how they can build their audience.

How are they building their audience?  The above example could also apply here as well, when you think about it Facebook likes and shares are as good as word of mouth.  The fact that someone you know and trust is liking content from Gibson, that must mean they are good, right?

Another example I found of Gibson attempting to build their audience was within the content they were posting.  Whenever they posted about a musician or band, they tagged that artists Facebook page as well.  That way, the content from that post would not only show up on Gibson’s page, but it also appeared on the page of the artist they had posted content about.  This gives Gibson’s post instant access to a whole new audience via the artists page.

4.  Increase sales

I think one of the main goals of any business is always going to be to increase sales.  The big question is how.  In reality, all the efforts involved in the first three goals have been leading up to this goal.

How are they attempting to increase sales?  In conjunction with all the other efforts mentioned above, Gibson has also made navigating through their Facebook page easy, and a majority of the content they are posting has a link to one of their specific product Facebook pages or their website.  You can also find apps on their Facebook page for the Gibson store where you can purchase a selection of items grouped by feature products, current top sellers, and new products, without ever leaving Facebook.

Gibson Guitars on Instagram

I also want to point out what a great job Gibson Guitars does on Instagram.  Now you might think it has to be pretty much the same thing as their Facebook page, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Yes, there are similarities since both pages are promoting the same type of products, but the approach is slightly different.  Here’s why I also think the Gibson Guitar Instagram page is top-notch:

1.  Simplicity

Unlike their Facebook page, Gibson takes the simpler approach with Instagram.  You won’t see as much of a variety of content where they are spotlighting specific artists, or asking questions.  The content on Instagram is mostly pictures of their product – guitars.  Scrolling through their pictures you see guitar after guitar.  They don’t show a lot of pictures of guitars in groups, popular musicians aren’t highlighted very much, and it isn’t often you see a picture of a person playing the guitar – it is a simple, yet beautiful, picture of a guitar.

2.  Written Content

Along with the guitar theme, the written content is also slightly different in that it is short and to the point.  You won’t typically see more than a short description of what model guitar they are displaying.  On occasion you might see a live shot of an artist on stage, or an occasional post that isn’t describing the guitar in the picture; one post in particular that I saw, they posted, “A little something for those Monday blues.”  I think this is a great way to be consistent with what you are posting, and add a little something different into the mix.  I should mention, the post about the Monday blues had over 9000 likes on it.

3.  Hashtags

One of the things I noticed that Gibson was doing on their Instagram page, that I didn’t see on the Facebook page, is hashtags.  In some cases, there were more hashtags than written content.  On average I found about 6 different hashtags on each post, and a most of them were referencing Gibson.  A few examples of what I found were  #gibson, #lespaul, #gibsoncustom.

The best part of the hashtags though is that is wasn’t just Gibson hashtags.  They were also using general hashtags like #beautiful, #yesplease, and #heaven.  In some cases there were specific pictures and hashtags posted for holidays.  The fact that they are using non-brand hashtags is going to make their product visible to those who may not directly be looking for Gibson products or who don’t follow Gibson; it is a great way for them to reach new audiences.

I can tell you that, in the world of musicians and guitar players, Gibson is considered the “Cadillac” of guitars.  After spending some time reviewing their Facebook and Instagram pages from a marketing perspective, it is abundantly clear how Gibson continues to stand out above the rest.  I encourage you to visit both the Gibson Guitar Facebook page and the Gibson Guitar Instagram page to see for yourself why I nominated them for best pages.  Congratulations Gibson Guitars!


Gibson Guitar Facebook page

Gibson Guitar Instagram page