Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the method used by marketers to offer special deals, coupons, and interact with their audience through mobile devices by using a variety of different techniques including:

  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Geofencing – Location-based advertising
  • QR Codes
Why is Mobile Marketing Important?

According to The 60 Second Marketer there are 6.8 billion people on the planet and 4.0 billion of all those people own a mobile phone.  I know this is hard to believe, but there are actually more people who own a mobile device than who own a toothbrush!

People typically have some type of mobile device on them at all times whether it is a smartphone, iPhone, or tablet. In fact, 79% of people who own smartphones use them to help with locating deals and locations for shopping.  Out of those people, 35% actually use their smartphones to do their shopping online. When was the last time you left home without your mobile phone or some type of mobile device?

What are the Benefits of Mobile Marketing?

One of the biggest benefits is that mobile marketing is an opportunity just waiting for businesses to grab a hold of.  According to the video, “Smartphone – Google Mobile Marketing Stats”, there are currently 79% of businesses who are NOT even using a mobile friendly website.  I predict that once this trend catches on, there is going to be a great amount of growth with mobile marketing in the near future.

Another benefit is that mobile marketing typically results in higher ROI.  This is because currently mobile marketing costs far less than other mainstream marketing methods.

With anything, there are challenges that businesses must face when considering a mobile marketing campaign.  For instance, when using geofencing (location-based marketing), one of the challenges is how to know if your message is being seen by your target market while they are still in the location.  How can a business be sure the consumer will see the advertisement before they are out of the general location?

Another concern for businesses utilizing mobile marketing techniques is knowing, at what point, they are becoming intrusive and invading consumers privacy?  How much is too much?  How often is too often?  These are all questions that businesses are still trying to find the answers to.

Who’s Using Mobile Marketing?

I have to say that Domino’s Pizza has a good handle on their mobile marketing strategies.  To begin with, as soon as I went on the site with my smartphone, I noticed it was easy to ready, very user-friendly, and I had quick access to the key information I wanted – how to order, coupons and special deals going on, and even a way to track what stage of delivery my order was in.  With their mobile friendly site, I can see all the specials, place my order, pay for it, and schedule a delivery without ever having to make a phone call.

Domino’s has managed to stay ahead of its competitors in the mobile marketing department.  According to Top Businesses That Use Mobile Marketing, Domino’s Pizza has had well over 6 million downloads of its mobile app, which has contributed to 35% of its sales – just from the mobile app!

This is just the beginning of the mobile marketing trend, and there has been a clear benefit to those businesses who have already made mobile marketing a part of their marketing plan.  Smartphones and mobile devices are here to stay.  With that being said, we can expect to see a burst of mobile media marketing in the near future as more businesses begin to understand the importance of this opportunity.


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