3 Ways Marketers Can Use Twitter for Business

1.  Engage the Audience

This may be one of the most important reasons for a marketer to use Twitter for business.  There are so many rewards for businesses who engage well with their audience.  Some of the benefits are increasing their fan base, gathering new product ideas, and increasing brand recognition – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A great example of this is the Twitter page for Jimmy Fallon.  I noticed one tweet right away that is asking his audience to “share an embarrassing email mistake”, and then he gave them a special hashtag to include.  This was a great way for him to get his audience actively engaged, and who knows, maybe he will use some of the that on his show.

2.  Promote Events

Another great way for a business to use Twitter is for promoting upcoming events.  Let’s look at a more local example of a business that really embraces promotion on Twitter, Summerfest.  This music festival runs only 2 weeks out of the year in the summer, but they are promoting their upcoming events well in advance.  In fact, as of this moment I am scroll down the page and looking at musician after musician who will be performing there this year.

Some of the many benefits that come along with using twitter to promote events is the business can create excitement about the event, it can reach more people, target the audience it wants to reach by using some of the promotional tools offered by Twitter, and in this case it gives the opportunity to sell more advance tickets.

3.  Increase Website Traffic

How many times have you looked at a tweet that you wanted more information about, but in order to do that you had to click on the link?  How often did you find yourself then re-directed to a website?  This is a great way for businesses to get more traffic to their website.

I am going to take another local business to use for this example.  Let’s take a look at Fox 47 Madison.  They really took this concept and ran with it.  In fact, it is difficult to scroll down the page without having to click on a link to their website to view the full content.  Just think about how much more web traffic they get when their tweets are re-tweeted!  Just imagine if this was a business selling products, the same concept applies.  All they need to do is write a short catchy phrase, adding a picture is helpful to draw attention, and link it back to the website where they want the consumers to be.

2 Best Practices for Using Twitter

1.  Tweeting Behind the Scenes

This is the perfect way for businesses to really build a relationship with their audience.  Using “behind the scenes” footage can be used in any facet of business to engage people and make your message personal.

One place you’re probably most familiar with this activity is in the entertainment and sports industries.  We have all seen the “behind the scenes” footage of the actors in movies, or with athletes off the field.  This activity can be just as powerful a tool for any business who is trying to build relationships, and get their audience excited about what they are offering.

2.  Tweeting Relevant Information

By keeping information relevant and interesting, a business has a better chance of keeping the attention of their audience, and growing their audience. When you find interesting or information or funny contents, you want to share it with people you know, right?

I want to point out an excellent example of this on Tony Robbins Twitter page.  If you look on there, you will see that there is a theme with the information he tweets and retweets; there are posts about financial wealth, positive quotes, etc.  This content is effective because it is relevant to his message – and I am sure you noticed the book pictured on the top of his page too.

Who’s Rockin’ Twitter? 

I’m going to have to cast my vote for Jimmy Fallon.  The first thing I noticed about his page is that he has 21.9 Million followers!  So what is his goal? He wants to grow his following to sell his show, his new brand of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and he’s looking for material to keep his show fresh.

I noticed that Jimmy Fallon uses a variety of techniques to accomplish this.  If you look on his page (Jimmy Fallon) you are going to find a variety of videos and posts previewing his next guests.  This is a great way to get people excited about his upcoming shows.  Another technique you will see is, on his posts, he is tagging other celebrities.  This will help him build his following by increasing the amount of people viewing his post.

My favorite technique though is the “Hashtag game” that he has frequent posts about.  This is a great way for Jimmy Fallon to get new material to keep his show fresh and current, and to build relationships with his audience.  There was one post in particular that is a good example to support my observation.  Jimmy wrote, “Hashtag game!  Tweet out a funny or embarrassing reason why you’re single and tag with #WhyImSingle.  Could be on our show!”  This post has 796 retweets and 2.4k favorites from his fans!  By telling his audience he might use their material on his show is creating that relationship with them; it’s making them feel special and important.

This Twitter page is interactive and fun and he is creating content consistently and frequently.  If I had to recommend improvements in any area, I would recommend he do more retweeting.  Overall though, it’s a solid Twitter page from a marketing standpoint.  Nice work Jimmy Fallon!

How are Businesses Using Vine?

Before I close my blog for the week, I briefly want to address how different organizations are using Vines 6-second video for marketing products and services.  Vine really is the perfect way for a business to send a brief, informative and/or entertaining message to its audience.

Some of the different ways you may see Vine being used is to show a behind-the-scenes look at how a product is developed, or a quick how-to video, or to send followers a strong message.  A good example of a business using Vine is Home Depot.  They are using their Vine account to show new project ideas, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes of employees and customers, and they also use it to promote products.  This is a great asset to businesses that want to send a message in this current “instant gratification” society we are in.


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