Best of Social Media

My vote for the “Best of Social Media” award goes to Burger King and their “Motel King 2014 social media campaign.  In this campaign, Burger King created a hotel that its existing customers could check into, with three of their friends, to “cheat” on the Whopper by sampling the new Chicken Tendercrisp burger in a private setting.

This campaign was a huge success.  Burger King had over 800 guests check into the hotel during the five days they ran the campaign, and from those guests, they managed to extend their reach to over 2 million people via social networking sites.  Burger King not only reached their objectives, but exceeded them when the Chicken Tendercrisp burgers outsold the Whopper.

Burger King did not “accidentally” stumble across a winning campaign like this one, there was a strategy involved with creating this successful social media campaign.

Here are 5 reasons this proved to be a successful social media campaign:

#1 – It shows a well-defined objective – Burger King had one goal, or objective, they were trying to reach; that goal was to create a movement that would encourage existing customers, who were fans of the Whopper, to try the new Chicken Tendercrisp burger.

#2 – Good use of timing strategy – The night before they launched the campaign, Burger King invited celebrities to come in and “cheat” on the Whopper.  Then, they secretly took photos of the celebrities that Burger King leaked onto a spectrum of social media platforms.

#3: Social media tools across the platforms were utilized – Burger King encouraged people to use their social media platforms on multiple occasions:

  • Consumers were required to post their reservation request online in one of the Burger King social media posts, and tag three of their friends.
  • Consumers had to check into the hotel through use of a social media tool.
  • Consumers were encouraged to post photos and comments about their experience during their visit.
  • Consumers were asked to use the same hashtag, #motelbk, and thus grouping all of the Motel King posts in one convenient location for others to easily view.

#4:  Defined their target market – Burger King utilized its current market of loyal consumers to come in and “cheat” on the Whopper.  Because these are already loyal consumers, they are more likely to quickly spread the word about the new Chicken Tendercrisp burger to everyone they know, including new potential consumers.

#5:  Top-notch creative strategy – Burger King took an already existing hotel and re-designed it completely. They used the Burger King brand on everything.  They thought of every last detail including; branding the towels, robes, pens and paper, the hotel sign, and much more.

As a marketer, I will tell you that this campaign was a success because Burger King took time to develop specific objectives. Then they utilized social media tools across the board, got the campaign off the ground quickly by inviting the celebrities to stay there the night before they launched the campaign – and then leaked out the celebrity photos they had taken while celebrities were staying there.  Burger King was creative in developing this campaign by putting their brand on everything in the hotel – including branding the hashtag #motelbk, and most of all,  because they had consumers completely engaged in “spreading the word” on social media sites.  My hat’s off to Burger King!


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